Contact Officer is Alan. He can be reached via Email or Mobile on 0407 198 247.

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Updates (Calender Version 2016 / 7)

Centrefire FlyShoot time change - Updated 08/02/2016
All Centrefire Flyshoot 400m start times changed from 9am to 7am throughout the year

Two new articles written by a PFRC member added to Articles page - Updated 07/02/2016

Shotgun shoot added - Updated 29/01/2016
Sunday 31st January - 9am Shotgun 5 Stand

Shotgun shoot added - Updated 19/01/2016
Sunday 24th of January - Skeet shoot at 9am
Saturday 12th of March - Shotgun Club of Origin time changes to 2pm

Field Rifle Night Shoot cancelled - Updated 18/01/2016
Tuesday 26th of January night shoot has been cancelled as it's Australia Day

Shoots swapped - Updated 13/01/2016
Saturday 9th of April and 16th of April have swapped shoots

2016 CALENDAR UPLOADED - Updated 01/01/2016

Up and Coming Events in 2016

Shotgun National Sporting Titles at Three Springs
Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th of September

400 Yards