About us

Perth Field Rifle Club was founded in 1974 when a group of keen shooters recognised the necessity of protecting and promoting the interests of shooters in Western Australia. The Club is affiliated with the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA), which in turn is affiliated with the International Shooting Union, the Australian Shooting Association and the Australian Olympic Federation. Hence, our members have the opportunity to compete for Australia in international competition.


The range offers members and visitors covered firing points for all-weather shooting, ample parking, barbecue facilities, a fully air conditioned modern clubhouse including rifle racks and covered verandas. The “new” range was occupied in 1997, and is without a doubt one of the best equipped ranges in Western Australia.

Your Committee for 2022

President: Owen
Vice President: Steve
Secretary: John
Assistant Secretary: Jennifer
Registrar: Wendy
Club Captain: Neil
Treasurer: Eddy
Safety Training Officer: Alan
Handgun Training Officer: Paul Ra
Canteen Manager: Mike
Works Manager: Rob
Enquiries Officer: Alan
Publicity Officer: Jamie
WSC Reps: Merv & Richard

The Delegates

Shotgun Delegate: Adrian
Shotgun Sub-Delegates: Neil, Jamie, Merv, Jay, Rob, Derek & Phil

Field Rifle Delegate: Clint
3 Positional Sub-Delegate: Stephen
Midweek Field Rifle Sub-Delegate: Alan
Midweek Night Shoot Field Rifle Delegate: Clint
Combined Services Delegate: Owen
Benchrest Delegate: Vincent
Long Range Precision: David
Fly Shoot Delegate: Dave

Handgun Delegate: Paul Ra
Midweek IHMS Handgun Sub-Delegate: Alan
Weekend IHMS Handgun Sub-Delegate: Rex & Peter
Midweek Field Pistol Handgun Sub-Delegate: George
Weekend & Thursday Night Field Pistol Handgun Sub-Delegates: Dan, Raz, Gunther, David & Jamie.

Location Info

The shooting range and clubhouse is located in the Wanneroo Shooting Complex, about 40-50 minutes drive north of Perth.